Super Toad 67 Edit

Super Toad 67(also called Toad Earrape Simulator)is Munzch's favorite game. He plays it when he is not playing Team Fortress 2 and has over 2,000,000 hours logged into the game. "I play it because Toad is fucking hot. Ohh mmm that's right I'd fuck the shit outta those little britches..."

How Munzch Started Playing Edit

Munzch was masturbating to gay shota when he saw an advertisement to the side. It was Toad. He clicked on it, and popped onto his screen the best porn known to man.

Vinesauce Vinny - Super Toad 67-003:34

Vinesauce Vinny - Super Toad 67-0


Gameplay == In Super Toad 67, you play as, of course, Toad. The rules of the game are pretty much the same as Super Mario Brothers, except you're Toad, and you can clone yourself and make a bunch of random noises and shit. This concept is very dumb, but Munzch thinks that it's fun for some reason.

Toad's Gallery Edit

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